Do you know a family affected by a loved one travelling to Syria and Iraq?

At FAST we do.

And we understand the pain and distress it causes to those left behind.

If you’re wondering who we are, FAST (Families Against Stress and Trauma) is a UK-based organisation that’s here to help.

At FAST we believe that families matter and families make a difference.

Families matter because they are torn apart when young people travel to Syria and Iraq. Families make a difference because they have the power to reach out and stop this.  All families should feel empowered to reach out if they are worried about a loved one who might be thinking of travelling to the region.

We believe families are not alone.  That’s why we’ve made a short film with three people talking openly about the impact of a family member travelling.  They each speak of the pain and anguish they felt when their loved one left the UK.  It’s hard for us to convey the heartbreak, which is why we let them speak for themselves.

To watch their stories, click on the videos above and below.

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What to do if you think someone in your family might be thinking of travelling to Syria or Iraq.

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If you are worried about a family member, FAST can help.

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