Travelling to Iraq or Syria in most cases is a one-way ticket. As parents it’s important that we play our part in ensuring we don’t lose any more children. It’s vital that we understand the risks our children face and are able to engage with them in order to have a frank, honest two-way conversation about this complicated subject. The following information will help you understand the issues and how you can help your children if they need it.

What is the risk?

Extremists are targeting impressionable young people through social media and the internet in order to influence their minds in much the same way that sexual predators operate online.

Their message can have a powerful impact on someone who’s young, possibly unsure of their path in life, and may lack confidence.

Offering cash to British girls as young as 14 to become jihadi brides and tweeting pictures of kittens and coffee to make life in the ‘Caliphate’ appear normal are just two of the tactics used by ISIS to convince disaffected young Muslim girls that life is better with them than at home, with you.

The notion of being empowered, free from parental control has a certain appeal, but the truth about ISIS is a different matter. Summary executions, living in squalor and in-fighting are a far cry from the promises made on social media.

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